I'm inspired by all kinds of different sounds, and I don't think I'd ever be someone who would say, "I will never make a song that sounds a certain way, I will never branch outside of genres", because I think genres are sort of unnecessary walls.


Taylor may have had a few boyfriends, although I don’t see that’s it’s ‘too many’ when you consider the fact she was a teenager for most of those relationships and who doesn’t date a lot of people when their 15-19?
But the things is, yes she may not have handled it perfectly but who fucking would? She’s a young girl for gods sakes and despite her looking like a goddess, she isn’t one! She’s going to make mistakes and with that being said, the only thing you have on her is relationships.

The fact that that’s all you can say about her makes you look bad not her.

I mean you don’t see her dancing in her underwear on stage, simulating sexual acts, spitting on fans, smoking weed or lighting spliffs on stage, ignoring fans mental issues on Instagram or twitter.

I think if I hear ONE more person compare her to Miley or Justin and say they’re better people I might cry. She worked so hard for this not to happen.